Ara Rau Tangata 2024 - Papakāinga – Housing on Māori Land
WHEN: 14-06-2024
WHERE: Cargo Shed, 5 Dive Crescent, Tauranga City
FROM: 09:30:00
Te Ara Rau Tangata is an innovative new forum, where Tangata Whenua in the Western Bay of Plenty can generate discussions and seek solutions for their current and future living aspirations. The inaugural Ara Rau Tangata conference was held at Huria Marae, Tauranga in November 2019. Te Ara Rau Tangata has hosted a series of solutions based conferences where participants can share knowledge, skills and experiences about Maori land and Maori planning. These conferences are a deliberate opportunity for Māori to lead this significant kaupapa for our urban and rural communities. Ara Rau Tangata introduces key Māori speakers, planners, architects, practitioners working in this planning space.